Why Acrofine?

Different people, common goals – that sums up our group. All over the world we look for people who share our ambition to be competitive, successful and a force for good.
We are committed to equality and diversity and we welcome applications from people who meet our selection criteria, regardless of sex, race or disability.
The idea of being 'a force for good' underlines all our activities. So the way we work is guided by values – integrity, honest dealing, treating everyone with respect and dignity, striving for mutual advantage, transparency and contributing to human progress.
And these values are more than just words: they are enshrined in practical policies and standards that govern areas of our activity, including health, safety, security, environment, ethical conduct and business relationships.
Career development

ACROFINE is a learning organization. We know that using knowledge better than our competitors do is how we’ll continue to lead the market .
That’s why we invest in your learning and development and encourage you to move in directions that best suit you, as well as our business. Wherever you work, you will be encouraged to understand the industry, to know what’s expected of you and to pursue your own professional goals.
We want you to succeed from day one, so we offer a comprehensive induction. When you join, in most cases you’ll be assigned a buddy and urged to find a mentor – someone with experience to share ideas with, advise you in career matters and give you a valuable perspective. Your mentor will be there to help build your career.
And who knows? Someday you may be someone's mentor.
Whatever your discipline or the role you undertake, you will have control of your own development in a job that offers real variety and challenge. As well as operating a range of formal training programmes, we encourage continuous professional development for all – through structured courses and personal study, e-learning and other methods. Where appropriate, we’ll also support you to achieve relevant professional qualifications.


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