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Who we are and What we do

ACROFINE is a global supplier of outdoor and home products. We have factories and offices in east, west and south China. After several years development, ACROFINE has been the leading specialized manufacture of outdoor products, leisure products, massage and fitness instruments. We provide one-stop OEM/ODM service in the line of outdoor tents, massage tables, massage chairs, fitness instruments, leisure sofas, personal care products and other relative products for global market.
With our 42000 square meters factories, rich manufacturing experience, updated quality control system, outstanding designers and technicians, skilled workers, efficient and integrated supply chain system and low production cost, we can always supply our customers the most competitive prices and highest quality products.

Our History

Acrokylin Medical Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 as a consultant engineering firm specializing in medical equipments and system.
Shenzhen Beyon Technical Industrial Ltd. was founded in 1999 specializing in medical equipment control systems design and manufacture. Now Shenzhen Beyon is the important medical equipment and recreation products controls developer in China. We also aim to develop new technology for home products.
During 2001, Oufan Investment Ltd. was founded in Shanghai.
In 2003, Acrofine International Group Co., Limited was founded in Hong Kong, ACROKYLIN, BEYON, OUFAN and other companies were all integrated into ACROFINE. Our whole group generally started to use the integrated brand ACROFINE. ACROKYLINE, BEYON and OUFAN still remain for special line.
Shanghai Oufan Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 for fitness and recreation instruments.
Yosen Outdoor Products Co, Ltd. was founded in 2004.
Anji Acrofine Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhejiang province.


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